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“The hardest single part of building a software system is deciding precisely what to build.”

Fred Brooks

Good IT and software involves much more than programming or code.  This site is a resource for often-neglected aspects of software development: requirements, usability, project management, and implementation – the harder aspects of software and information technology.  The aim is to provide insight and share ideas to create better, more usable systems.

Posts will happen occasionally, and are announced on the Twitter feed: @hardersoftware

Image credit: computer-generated fractal (cropped), from creativity103.com


About the Author

Jennifer Flora Black is a passionate innovator who believes in making systems that improve people’s lives.  She started in programming, then realized she could have a greater impact in requirements, usability, and project management. She is currently the lead systems analyst for a major U.S. military staffing system that affects how over 600 thousand people are paid.  Other experience includes: enterprise-scale IT project management for a U.S. government agency; automating insurance fulfillment; and manufacturing engineering, project management, programming and development for American and Japanese auto companies.  Follow her on Twitter: @jflorablack or email jennifer.black [ @ ] acm.org .


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